About Us

The luck that I believe in
Is that which comes with work,
And no one ever finds it
Who’s content to wish and shirk.
The men the world calls lucky
Will tell you, every one,
That success comes, not by wishing,
But by hard work, bravely done.

Cited without author in
Rolfe Cobleigh’s
Handy Farm Devices and
How to Use Them (1909)

Chris Shownproprietor and vineyard manager

Always a farmer at heart, Chris’s involvement in the wine industry began in 1970, assisting his father in the establishment of their Rutherford vineyard in California’s Napa Valley. A strong believer in hands on sustainable agriculture, Chris not only manages Brigadoon Vineyards, but is also the primary caretaker of the vines and land. In addition, he manages other small vineyards in the Southern Willamette Valley.

Sheree Shown

Sheree’s love of wine stems from a joy in pairing fine wines with exceptional food. Sheree is a firm believer in the farm to table movement and has been pairing our own farm-raised lamb and garden produce with Willamette Valley wines for many years. Known for her superior wine and food palate, she is often deferred to with difficult blending decisions.

Matt Shown

Matt Shownwinemaker

Having caught the winemaking bug at an early age, Matt has been working in the vineyards since he was 8 years old, trailing after his father on hot summer days. Perhaps due to this upbringing, Matt’s winemaking philosophy is rooted in the fields with the vines. His goal is to act more as a guide to the wine and through minimal intervention he can highlight the work in the vineyard.

After earning a degree in Horticulture at Oregon State University, Matt began working in wineries in 2005. After numerous harvests in both Oregon and New Zealand and enology coursework at Chemeketa Community College, Matt helped launch Brigadoon Wine Co. in 2008. Today, in addition to making the wines for Brigadoon, Matt also works for Spindrift Cellars in the vineyard and cellar.

Nick Shown

Nick Shown

The youngest member of our family, Nick is a graduate of Unity College in Maine. He has always played an integral part at Brigadoon Vineyards, returning home every summer to assist in vineyard development. After trips to Sweden, California, Maine and Alaska to work on various types of farms Nick has settled back in Oregon for the time. Currently he works for a local vineyard and winery with an interest in pursuing vineyard management. Nick is also an avid outdoorsman and fisherman.