Chris Shown
Proprietor and Vineyard Manager
Sheree Shown

Always a farmer at heart, Chris’s involvement in the vineyard and wine industry began in the late 60’s, assisting his father in the establishment of their Rutherford vineyard in the Napa Valley. Always a strong advocate of organic farming, he is a firm believer in hands-on farming. He has always understood the tenet that the best input any farmer can provide is their boots in the field. Proof of that, the mud on his boots and the calluses on his hands.

Sheree’s love of wine stems from a joy in pairing exceptional wines with exceptional foods. She is a firm believer in the farm to table movement and has been pairing locally raised lamb and our own garden produce with Willamette Valley wines for years. Recently retired after a 39-year career as an English teacher, Sheree enjoys her involvement in the tasting room, sharing her love of food and wine pairings.

Matt Shown
Winemaker and Vineyard Manager

Matt has been working with his father in the vineyards since he was 8 years old, trailing after his father on both hot summer afternoons and drizzly winter mornings. Perhaps due to this upbringing, Matt’s winemaking philosophy is rooted in the vineyard. His goal is to act as more of a guide through the winemaking process, allowing each wine an opportunity to speak of the place from which it came. He is just as likely to be found pruning vines in the winter or landscaping around the tasting room gardens as working in the winery. It was Matt’s passion for the entire process, from vineyard to winery, that convinced Chris and Sheree that Brigadoon Wine Co should be born, with Matt as their winemaker and partner.

Matt & Bonnie

For sixteen years, our rescue dog, Gracie, roamed the vineyard and greeted every guest arriving at Brigadoon with a friendly tail wag. Her sweet demeanor was known far and wide. We miss her every day.

We now introduce you to Bonnie, our spunky young golden retriever with a personality a mile wide. Whether its chasing birds in the vineyard, swimming in the pond below, or lounging on the patio up at the tasting room, she is a vital part of Brigadoon. We hope you will enjoy her as much as we do!