Rootstock / Nursery

Established in 1992, Brigadoon is a producer of the highest quality Oregon grown rootstock and scion wood. Our vineyard is located in the coastal foothills of Oregon’s Southern Willamette Valley where an ideal nursery climate allows us warm summers, plentiful rainfall, and mild winters. The perfect components for the premium grapevine rootstock you require.

Advantages of Brigadoon’s Certified Grown Wood

  • LIVE and Salmon Safe Certified

    • a commitment to sustainable agriculture and being stewards of the land

  • Oregon Certified and California Compliant

    • for nearly twenty years

  • Color coded tags

    • Ensures accurate ID and no guessing after transport

  • Site Quality Assurance

    • through annual Oregon Dept. of Ag. inspection and certification

  • Hand Sorted for Quality

    • not simply field run

  • All New Rootstock and Scion Wood Re-indexed

Rootstock and Scion Varieties Available

A grapevine is made up of two grafted parts. The rootstock is the below ground portion of the vine that provides the plant with pest and disease protection. It is the foundation that keeps the grafted scion wood (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, etc.) healthy and producing fruit for many years. While in earlier years vines were grown "own root" with scion placed directly into the soil, this grafted combination of rootstock and scion is the modern standard of grape growing.

Having arrived in Oregon in 1990, we established our rootstock business in 1992 with a simple ½ acre. Our timing was very fortunate, as the Oregon wine industry – and the entire west coast—was just beginning to ramp up in growth, and the need for certified pest and disease resistant plant material was huge. Our first few years were certainly humbling, but nonetheless a good learning experience. Thankfully, we were all still working jobs off the farm!

By mid 2005, we hit our stride, expanding our acreage and selling close to 200,000 cuttings a year, with nursery customers in Oregon, California, Washington and New York. Continuing through the years, their customer reach has allowed our material to become a part of commercial vineyards in each of those states as well as Idaho, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, and even British Columbia.

Today we have scaled back our rootstock plantings, converting some of our older rootstock blocks to fruit producing vineyard. Our initial ½ acre planting is now our west side Riesling, and the ½ acre just below that is now Pinot Noir Pommard. There will be further changes in the future!